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Industrialist, leader in multi-technical services, head of engineering offices, cleanroom designer : CIRA Technologie provides you with a unique expertise as an automation specialist and electrical integrator, specializing in HVAC, for the optimal operation of your facility and site.

Laboratories and cleanrooms

The primary objectives of these types of installations are to:

  • protect the individuals working in these confined spaces with controlled atmospheres,
  • prevent any environmental contamination,
  • maintain the integrity of the production.

This requires a refined expertise, extensive knowledge of the required qualification type, and constant attention to strict and regulatory operating parameters.


Some recent references :

  • LFB (France)
  • Sanofi Pasteur (France)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim (France)
  • Merck (France)
  • Institut Pasteur (Cambodia)
  • Yposkesi (France)
  • KBI Biopharma (Switzerland)
  • Merck (Switzerland)
  • Carbogen (France)

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Nos références - Laboratoires

Industry and data centers

These activities require a high level of availability of installations, great maintainability with the possibility of ensuring the best continuity of service. Moreover, the design of the installations must integrate better management of energy consumption.

Data Centers

Some recent references :

  • Indus. Symbio (France)
  • Indus. Verkor (France)
  • Indus. SEQUENS (France)
  • Indus. Boiron (France)
  • Indus. Aledia (France)
  • Indus. Urgo (France)
  • Indus. Takeda (Switzerland)
  • Data Euro information (France)
  • Data Colt (France)
  • Data Global Switch (France)
  • Data Orange (France)

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Nos références - Data Centers


Ensuring optimal conditions for patient care remains the primary objective in hospital buildings. Confinement and control of atmospheres, cleanrooms, comfort for patients and caregivers are all HVAC challenges for hospitals. These health-related challenges are nowadays complemented by a focus on energy performance (ELAN law).


Some recent references :

  • CHU Reims (France)
  • CHU Saclay (France)
  • Hospital and Maternity ward (France)
  • Hospital Savoie (France)
  • Médipôle (France)

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Quelques références - Hôpitaux

Large tertiary complexes

In addition to normative criteria, especially in public access buildings (PAB), the design of large tertiary complexes must contribute to climate resilience and meet obligations for reducing final energy consumption by 40% by 2030. Therefore, HVAC solutions need to be highly efficient.

Ensemble tertiaire

Some recent references :

  • HEKLA tower (France)
  • Biome (France)
  • ENS Cachan (France)
  • Orange Offices (France)
  • AgroParisTech (France)
  • New Age (France)
  • IGR station (France)

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Nos références - Tertiaire

Safety, process quality, energy performance, compliance with environmental standards: the multi-technical design and construction of buildings such as cleanrooms, data centers, hospitals, industrial buildings, or large tertiary complexes requires increasingly precise expertise and trusted partners to successfully carry out complex projects.

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