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At every stage of your project, benefit from CIRA Technologie’s rigorous and qualitative methodology, built over 25 years of excellence in serving the most complex construction projects.

Consulting and Engineering

Our teams of technicians and engineers provide guidance from design to commissioning of your installations. Our goal is to define the most relevant solution to meet your challenges. This mission of excellence has emerged from our experience with complex projects initiated by major clients.


Conseil en ingénierie

Project management

CIRA Technologie’s precise and comprehensive methodology accompanies you at every stage :

>> Preliminary Project

  • Upstream design consultation
  • Technical definition assistance
  • Support for budget analysis


>> Study phase

  • Proposal of tailored solutions
  • Functional analysis
  • Project, hardware, and software configuration
  • Training and support for our clients
  • Support with international projects

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>> Installation and construction

  • Installation by our skilled electrician teams
  • Functional tests on 100% of the equipment in the client’s configuration according to established protocols
  • Technical assistance from our teams for the pharmaceutical industry and research laboratories

>> Qualification, training and maintenance

  • Creation of qualification protocols and performance of FAT/SAT tests
  • Training modules for operators and maintenance teams
  • Maintenance plans or remote maintenance contracts
  • Subscription to a hotline service is also available

Functional analyses

Our teams identify and document your needs in a reference document. This functional analysis, preliminary to any study, is the result of shared experience within CIRA Technologie. It ensures the smooth operation of the building with confidence.


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Analyse fonctionnelle

Study development

Our engineering department integrates numerous complementary skills and utilizes powerful state-of-the-art software. This explains the efficiency of our solutions in the following areas :

  • Automated design of electrical installations
  • Sizing and calculations of electrical lines
  • Development of automation point lists
  • Hardware layouts in cabinets and panels
  • Definition of industrial IT architectures
  • Drafting of electrotechnical diagrams
  • Compilation of the technical documentation
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Réalisation des études

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Design and construction of control panels and automation cabinets

As a company of excellence, CIRA Technologie has developed exclusive expertise. Our knowledge combines

  • compliance with electrical standards and regulations
  • the most stringent specifications in the industry.

The design and realization of your automation cabinets are carried out as per the highest standards, following a strict quality process. The success of the cabinet FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) is the result of this approach.

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Réalisation coffrets et armoires

PLC programming and HMI design

Based on a validated functional analysis, CIRA Technologie develops automation programs and control systems. Our objective is to achieve the highest precision in critical parameter control. Additionally, we design clear and readable Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) to simplify operator control. Before each commissioning, we thoroughly test all programs and document the results.


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Programmation IHM

Constructing, testing, and commissioning of your installations

Construction of projects within the deadlines and with optimal quality is our commitment. We carry out your most complex projects on schedule, delivering a high-quality, compliant, and tested installation. This commitment is a strong hallmark of the CIRA Technologie experience, made possible by a collective dynamic of training and continuous improvement.

Furthermore, we ensure real-time project management through a unique tool developed exclusively by CIRA Technologie: CIBOR©. This allows us to measure daily progress and react to any scheduling needs.

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Réalisation chantiers et tests de vos installations

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Quality acceptance, FAT & SAT

CIRA Technology offers acceptance procedures and FAT/SAT services.

Complete FAT protocols :
Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) take place in our manufacturing workshops after design. The FAT protocols allow for:

  • Checking the proper functioning of the system and its components;
  • Verifying the manufacturing of cabinets and automation: software installation, component assembly, and system configuration;
  • Examining the conformity of the equipment and its performance with the purchase specifications at the time of the order.
  • Analyzing and verifying the technical documentation of the equipment.

Finalization by SATs :
The Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) occur after the complete installation and final configuration of the equipment at the client’s site. We are just as rigorous for the SATs as for the FATs, conducting a new series of tests, verifications, and QI/QO qualifications.
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Réception FAT/SAT

Maintaining your installations

Our goal is to ensure the proper functioning of devices and safety of staff in a sustainable way. That’s why CIRA Technology offers contracts for preventive or corrective maintenance of your equipment and installations.

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Maintenance des installations

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