CIRA Technologie, your perfect partner for the design and implementation of your automated HVAC systems and laboratories.

Our solutions

CIRA Technologie masters all the complementary skills necessary for the design, manufacturing, and installation of high-tech systems. Specifically trained for specific environments, our electricians, electronics specialists, automation engineers, and industrial computer scientists combine their expertise to build efficient, secure, and monitored installations.

Our intervention extends to several areas: automation and regulation, HVAC and utilities electricity, interlocking and decontamination systems, and environmental monitoring.

Our Solutions

Automation and regulation
HVAC and utilities electricity
Interlocking and decontamination system
Environmental monitoring

Our services

From specifications to commissioning,
our teams of experts advise and support you in designing the most relevant solutions for your projects and installations.

Our quality methodology and the commitment of our professionals guarantee the excellence and success of your projects.

Advice and engineering

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Project management

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Functional analysis

Study implementation

Design of control panels and automation cabinets

Programming of PLCs and HMIs

Site implementation, testing, and commissioning

Quality FAT&SAT acceptance

Maintenance of installations

Your environment

Our experts are trained in the specificities of controlled atmospheres and special environments.

Our team members are familiar with the constraints of the environments in which they operate :

Pharmaceutical industry


Chemical industry

Medical sector

Technological sector

Tertiary sector

CIRA Technologie

Over 25 years, CIRA Technologie has become a leader in automation and electricity for HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), CVCD systems, utilities, decontamination, interlocking, and monitoring.

Specialized in controlled atmospheres (pharmaceutical, medical, laboratories, cleanrooms, data centers, etc.), CIRA Technologie has developed a bespoke solution to meet the growing technical challenges of cleanroom management: apem-sas, recognized for its reliability.

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Cira Technologie

Excellence as a standard for 25 years

Optimal global project management

Proactive collaboration

Experts in specific environment zones

Safety, quality, strong CSR commitments


Our simple solution to the complex automated management needs of cleanrooms: apem-sas

Drawing on our expertise in automation, electricity, and electronics, CIRA Technologies has developed a unique product in the market, integrating all the functionalities necessary for the sophisticated management of cleanrooms: apem-sas.