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Since its inception, CIRA Technology has continuously evolved and expanded. Our team, rich in sharp and multidisciplinary skills, takes genuine pride in designing and implementing the most efficient automation solutions for HVAC systems and the automation of cleanroom management. With a unique know-how as an integrator, CIRA Technology also innovates by developing its own automated cleanroom management solution: APEM-SAS, born from 25 years of expertise serving laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry.

25 years of excellence in industrial automation and HVAC

Located near Saint-Étienne, CIRA Technology specializes nationally in industrial automation for HVAC systems. Its expertise in the automated management of cleanrooms is internationally recognized.

For over 25 years, CIRA Technology has developed specific expertise in the sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and cleanrooms, data centers, and large tertiary complexes.

  • 1,000 cleanroom installations
  • 500 research and production laboratory projects
  • 100 large tertiary complexes
  • 75 chemical and classified sites
  • 50 hospitals
  • 35 data centers

Recognized by certifying bodies, CIRA Technology is QUALIFELEC certified with distinction in Studies, Automation, Self-checks, and Complex Assemblies.

Armoire de CIRA Technologie

A team of professionals dedicated to the success of your projects

Our expertise and the diversity of our projects enable us to support you at every stage of your project. From design to commissioning, our qualified engineers and technicians are accustomed to the excellence required by major clients.
We provide advice before the project launch and commit to the success of your projects, respecting the objectives of quality, cost, and timing.

Gestion de projet

Women and men committed to working with you

Your point of contact, our project manager, orchestrates the smooth progression of work and coordinates each step internally. Alongside them, all our colleagues, specialists in HVAC electricity, combine their knowledge and expertise. It’s a daily commitment from our R&D engineers, our design office members, workshop technicians, and site personnel. Our pride is the collective success of a project.

A continuous effort in training

Training is a central pillar for CIRA Technology.
Our closely monitored training process allows everyone to learn and evolve internally. This commitment to training also enables each new recruit to make rapid progress, thanks to the sharing of experiences.

Equipe et planification CIRA Technologie

Our commitments to our customers

Upstream advice and support

Technicians and engineers :

  • experts in automation and HVAC electricity,
  • experts in the pharmaceutical industry and cleanrooms.

They provide advice upfront and support you at every step to guarantee the quality of the outcome

Real-time construction site monitoring

  • Our digital tool (CIBOR®) for construction site management,
  • our project organization,
  • our management processes

allow for a precise and real-time view of the progress of your construction sites. This management capability facilitates exchanges with our clients and greatly improves the performance of the construction sites.

Respect for commitments : costs and deadlines

Our teams are professionals who understand your imperatives for results, respecting deadlines, and controlling costs. From the beginning, we state our commitments and do everything in our power to honor them.

Our motivations: technical quality and collective success

We set benchmarks for technical achievements. The success of FAT/SAT, the smoothness of commissioning and qualifications are all evidence of our expertise and, above all, of this belief: success can only be collective.

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