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Integrated R&D to Innovate in the Pharmaceutical Industry

CIRA, an Innovative Company

Our company has carved out a solid reputation for performance and innovation, based on the completion of complex projects that combine high technical challenges for the leading players in the international pharmaceutical industry. Working for CIRA Technology means being assured of evolving within a supportive and dynamic ecosystem, driven by high professionalism.

R&D intégré

APEM-SAS, our simple answer to the complex needs of automated cleanroom management

Our research and development engineers have developed an automated cleanroom management solution, APEM-SAS, recognized by professionals, as it has been commissioned for clients such as SANOFI, MERCK, the French Blood Agency, TAKEDA, MSD, CEA…
Always attentive to market needs and technological advancements, we continue to invest in R&D to innovate and offer increasingly efficient solutions.


Our commitments to HSE responsibility

CIRA Technology pursues a proactive policy regarding responsibility in Hygiene, Safety, and Environmental matters. The excellence of the indicators presented during audits conducted by our clients are proof of our commitment in this area.

Hygiene and safety: zero accident objective

Safety, the key to team performance :

By implementing strict instructions, training and information, providing efficient tools, and maintaining constant vigilance, CIRA Technology applies its HSE policy in a concrete manner internally, on our construction sites, and with all our service providers.

All our team leaders are trained first aid workers.

Our actions for environmental respect

  • On construction sites and in our workshops

Recycling materials, removing waste on-site, and combating waste are all concrete actions undertaken by our employees.

  • Preservation of resources

We have launched an initiative aimed at more rational consumption of resources: eco-driving training, premises regulation, heat pumps, and photovoltaic systems.

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